Frequently Asked Questions For Childcarers

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How easy is it to register?

Very easy. As soon we know that you have been nominated as a preferred childcarer by any of our parents, we will send you two forms – one to confirm your contact details and the other one to provide your bank details should you wish to be paid by BACs. Alternatively we can raise a cheque every time you redeem your vouchers.

How often will I get paid?

As often as you contact us to redeem vouchers. We will start the payment process the same day.

How can I redeem vouchers?

You can email us, post the vouchers back to us or call us on our helpline (0845 606 6560 charged at local rate) whichever is easiest for you.

How do I know if I have been paid?

We will send you a remittance advice detailing the serial numbers, parent name and value of the vouchers advising that payment is due into your bank account or that a cheque is also enclosed. The claim number is usually used as the payment reference or alternatively we can use the child’s or parent name as reference.

What information do you need when I contact you?

Just to confirm who you are, the serial numbers and preferred method of payment – we will organise the rest.

What happens if I have forgotten to register and receive a voucher?

Just give the team a ring - we can raise a cheque for your first payment and send you a further registration pack.