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Why should our company take part in a Childcare Voucher Scheme?

Childcare vouchers help to recruit and retain staff which will lower your recruitment and staffing costs. In addition, not only will your employees benefit from tax and NI savings, but the company benefits from NI savings as well.

How much will my employees save?

A standard rate tax payer could save up to £933* per annum if they take the maximum value of the voucher which is currently £55 per week or £243 per month.

How much will the company save?

The company will save over £402 per annum on the NI element of the amount sacrificed by their employees – figures are again based on the maximum value taken.

How much will introducing the scheme cost?

There are no introductory costs, just a small service charge which is taken from the savings made. NI contribution savings will exceed our administration costs.

How much administration is involved?

Once the initial forms are completed, administration is kept to a minimum. Orders will be raised month on month against the information already provided. Vouchers can also be sent to employee’s home addresses at no additional cost thereby reducing administration further.

Can Chamber Childcare help me to launch the scheme?

Chamber Childcare has a range of marketing literature and we can also attend your premises to hold informal question and answer sessions.

Will a salary sacrifice scheme affect pension payments?

It shouldn’t. Trustees of pension schemes should be able to make the necessary adjustments to pensions so that employees do not lose out by taking part in a salary sacrifice scheme.

Will this affect overtime / shift payments?

Again it shouldn’t. This is at the employer’s discretion but could be based on notional salary.